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Bachelor Winner Vienna’s Nose Job by Dr. Franklin Rose in US Magazine

See Vienna Girardi’s talk about her nose surgery on Entertainment Tonight

Bachelor Winner Vienna Girardi: " I hated my face!"

Vienna’s Nose Job by Dr. Franklin Rose in Us Weekly Magazine


So long, “big schnozz!” Vienna Girardi tells US about the plastic surgery that has finally made her feel beautiful.

Vienna Girardi before and after rhinoplasty by Dr. Franklin Rose

“I hated my profile,” says Girardi,
“so I’d try to do head-on photos.”

“I ALWAYS FELT LIKE I HAD this little face with like, a Mr. Potato Head nose!”  Vienna Girardi, 25, tells Us.  So when the Bachelor vet befriended castmate Erica Rose, 28, while filming Bachelor Pad 2, she couldn’t help but admire her new pal’s profile.  “Erica said, ‘Oh, I had my nose done!  My dad (Houston Texas based celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose) will do yours!’  A week after, I had a plane ticket!”  Girardi, who faces off against ex Jake Pavelka on Pad while dating Bachelorette alum Kasey Kahl, 27, tells Us’ Ingrid Sheaffer about her rhinoplasty – and her new-found confidence: “I love my smile now!”

Bachelor Winner Vienna’s

“I wanted to look like myself, only softer.” Girardi tells Us.

Why get the rhinoplasty?

It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 9 or 10.  In school, they called me Pinocchio.  After the Bachelor, bloggers called me “horse face.”  Evil names.  I even went blonde because my dark hair made my nose look bigger!  Dr. Rose said “We’ll fix the bump.  We’ll shorten your nose up.”

How was the surgery?

Erica Rose of Bachelor & Bachelor Pad

Erica Rose of Bachelor & Bachelor Pad

After all the surgery, you literally feel like you’ve had your skull cracked open.  I stayed with the Roses, and as I lay in bed bandaged up, I just kept thinking, It’s going to be so worth it.  Kasey sent both me and Erica flowers the day of my surgery.  Erica’s note said,”Thank you for taking care of my little cupcake,” and mine said, “You’re beautiful.  I can’t wait to see you.”  He came in the next day and sat with me and we ordered Chinese food and watched The Bachelorette!

What was the verdict when you took the bandages off in L.A.?

I was screaming, “Oh, my God, I love it!”  And I texted Dr. Rose.  When Kasey came home I was like, “Look at my nose!”  It was an exciting night.  I still have black and blue eyes, but he’ll say, “You really look great!”

You’ve admitted to getting breast implants.   Will you consider more surgery?

No.  Definitely not.  But I wasn’t born with a cute little nose, so I got one.  I’m not saying get 20 surgeries, but if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, go ahead and change it!    US

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