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New Year, New Nose! Houston Rhinoplasty – Dr. Franklin Rose

Sophia Undergoes Rhinoplasty in Order to Prepare for Her New Life in Manhattan

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Sophia Undergoes RhinoplastyHOUSTON, TX;  – For recent graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Sophia, her upcoming move to Manhattan to begin her career in finance marks the beginning of many exciting changes including rhinoplasty surgery-something she has wanted for a while.

She reached out to Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose of the Houston Nasal Institute for the subtle changes to her nose she desired. Just in time for her new life and her new look Sophia scheduled rhinoplasty surgery in Houston (also called a ‘nose job’) by Dr. Rose in anticipation of her moving to Manhattan in a few days.

Says Dr. Rose; “Most patients want a natural-looking nose that is not too sculpted or pinched looking, with facelifts patients don’t want to look too tight, liposuction patients don’t want any irregularities, so it’s a very undone look that she desired.”

Says Sophia at her 10-day post-operative appointment; “My experience could not have been better with no complications. The swelling went down quickly and I couldn’t be happier, and I’m excited to start my new life in a new city, Manhattan, with my new nose – everyone loves it, my family and friends think it looks great – subtle and really honestly perfect, so I am super happy with my result.”

Dr. Franklin Rose, named “The Michelangelo of Plastic Surgery” by Houstonia Magazine is not only renowned throughout his celebrated career as the doctor for Hollywood starlets and reality TV stars– he also performs many charitable surgeries via the Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation to improve the quality of life for of his patients.

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Sophia Undergoes Rhinoplasty